Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Jurassic World No. 3 of All Time

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Top 3 of all time. Well The Avengers can kiss that spot goodbye. All that matters is how far Star Wars is going beyond that. SW has to be Phantom Menace bad not to make this spot but regardless as JWorld proved the film represents 3 generations who were not around the first time.

Earlier Post:
How wonder they been having all this news in the past few days. Finally the bigtrailer has arrived. Now where is Blofeld in all this? And where is my Volcano! NO, I won't let it go! LOL.
New video of the winner and new props for a behind scenes look on the film. Great contest for charities.  Checkout Spock with a Banjo, so cool.
Cool 10 minute video that was shown at comic con. This is the extended version from what we've seen in the promos already. Look for Elizabeth Banks in a cameo. Funny. Still looking forwards to this big time.
This role is perfect for him after doing The Shield. Then he brought up a notch in American Horror Story. Wow, that was a stretch. This second season on Gotham is going to be a blast.
Actually she looks pretty cute in that Slave outfit. Aw c'mon. Anakin murdered children in the Phantom Menace but people got a beef with this? But C3PO smoking a cigarette is sending out a bad signal to the kiddies. lol.
No he won't. It doesn't look good. And they are taking their sweet time releasing this overseas.
Look at the article below on how this will affect the film in China.
Strange release dates. They finally released Imitation Game in China this past week? But the main thing is we have to wait for Terminator Genisys to see how that does as this will be the drawing card if we are going to see any sequels and to see if Minions goes over the $1 Billion mark.
For the most part this works but quite a few don't belong here. First The Godfather and Citizen Kane should be 1 and 2. Too many Altman films that were not that important are on here. Where's Mash?Along with Terrence Malick films, the most popular Badlands is not on the list. Night of the Living Dead was a nice surprise for us horror fans but The Shining is on the list and not The Exorcist? While The Wild Bunch is my favorite Western, Heaven's Gate is just plain long and boring and that made the list. At least The Lion King and The Dark Knight made the list but no Pixar films. Go Figure.

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