Thursday, April 16, 2015

SW: The Force Awakens Celebration

New Blog Talk Radio Show coming this Monday. Furious 7 talk is now playing. See ***1&2 below.
Trailer and Reunion videos posted with SW:TFW. Full 1 Hour Panel included.
"Chewie, we're home" What a cool way to end the trailer. "And big friggin tease, lol.  Ok, how many times have all of you seen this already? I lost count by now since I first posted this.
Note: At the end of the trailer, it has clips from the SW HD collection for those who didn't download yet. Also see *** below.

This is their top 10 breakdown of the trailer. Descriptions with pics of the scenes. More speculations.
52 photos all together. Some repeats but wish there was more shots of the Falcon. Yeah, spoiled.

Breakdown on the trailer. Basically a shot by shot explanation with speculations on what's happening.

Full 1 hour Panel included. Note: Fast Forward 30 minutes for the start of the panel. Fast forward to 1:22 to see the original cast including Daniels, Fisher, Mayhew and Mark Hamill.
Complete breakdown with Q & A with the cast and a gallery of pictures from the reunion.
Nice breakdown for those who still have their heads in the sand. On the right hand side of the article are more breakdowns for the movie.
I posted this just to put my 2 cents in. What was with the hate on this little guy, BB8. Just the idea that's its an actual working droid and not a CG effect is cool enough. Must be the same haters complaining about that stupid Saber and don't get me started about the brother in a stormtrooper outfit.
Nice behind the scenes shots. What surprises me is the "On Location" pics" and no Green Screen anywhere to be seen. Guess JJ kept his promise on keeping with the style of SW:New Hope.
Nice gallery of the main villian according to the article. Enough to annoy those who hate that Light Saber. I still don't see what's the big deal. I'm just hoping the movie doesn't suck aka Phantom.
There's a few of these videos to give you an idea what's on the HD collection. Some argue they are very short but I look at these as updates to the whole collection. I know, sad excuse for dipping again.

And now the Dark Side:
With all this great news today there had to be some headkill in there somewhere.
Worst casting ever. Talk about an overrated actor and him being is this just ruined it for me. And Scott not directing this is another headkill. Then why bother doing this? For a Ford Cameo? You know he's not in this alot, you know that right?

A little show on this considering it's already No.7 (nice pun) and already beat Skyfall for non 3D.

New Radio Show this Monday with a brand new gallery of my Star Wars collection on Flickr.
Furious 7 talk now playing on BTR. With an update also on Monday:
Wow that was fast, Top 5 all time by the time Avengers Ultron comes out. More on the next show.

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