Thursday, April 02, 2015

Thursday's Movie News

Check out Making of Video below, the Parachute Cars Sequence.
AS per this article we all know F7 ewill be in the years Top 10 money makers along with the usual suspects: Avengers, Star Wars, Jurassaic World, Bond, Hunger Games, MI5, etc considering they are all franchises. The one's to watch out for are the first timers like Inside Out (my bet for the year). And there's always that dark horse that barely gets a mention and bolts out of the Box Office. So which one will that be? That's the big question. The rest are so obvious. PS Adam Sandlers Pacman will be a bomb. That trailer looks horrible. Ghostbuster wannabee. Ugghh. And yes I could have brought a yacht with the damn quaters I spent on Space Invaders, ah the good old days.
Cool Video on Behind the scenes, making of the Free Falling Cars sequence. Kick ass Second Unit  putting it all together. Look Ma, no CGI! Seems like something that should be on the Blu-ray release. And the movie hasn't even come out yet. What a tease, lol. wow it's all good.
Well that's nice and all, check out Michelle's pic with that dress. Pretty sexy.Well she stay a tomboy forever. Hey next time have full shot will ya...
Will somebody tell Disney to cut this out. This is not funny anymore. Winnie out of all things. You can blame that Paddinton bear for this. While I have to admit that was a cute movie, does Disney really have to turn their property's to live action. If the first few bomb that will take care of that. But if not, uggghhh.
They finally got this off the ground. With other shows of the genre like Walking Dead and American Horror Story, this is a great place for this franchise. And Bruce sure does have his fan base. If theygot the right writing behind it, this can't lose. Better than bringing it back on the big screen.

New Radio Show next week with all Fast Furious talk.

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