Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Wednesday's Movie News

Note: New Radio Show rhis Monday celebrating F7 top 5 win, Avengers and recap of Star Wars.

Update No. 3:
Is the mouse being a little greedy? Like $45M opening weekend worldwide is chump change. Jeeze.
FYI: Warning the bootleg is already on the internet missing the first 10 minutes as rumoured. I can wait.
Duh! We all know it make as much but at this point who cares? F7 is close to taking out Avengers for the No. 3 spot this weekend. Thanks China! But it will have company as 007 Spectre and Star Wars will both hti the top 10 for all time box office. (My prediction) then the show down for the top 5.

Opening huge overseas already. A sign of things to come. A big year for this years boxoffice compare to last years.
Heck why wait, bring it on. Top 5 of all time and we didn't even get to the BR/DVD sales yet. Yikes!
Already reviews are coming in, mostly good some saying been there been that. Does it matter at this point? Foreign release first which means bootleg here in the U.S. before it's stateside release. Really?, Even the bootleggers can't touch this. Iron Man Hulk Throwdown on the big screen, I'm there.
Movie Poll on which picture will make the most money this year. DUH? The mouse has last laugh again. Doesn't he ever get tired of that? Avengers got the leftovers and everyone else got pennies.

Here are the following sites giving thier predictions on the big moneymakers for the summer:
This includes their Top 20 countdown. But looked who they picked as No. 1 instead of Avengers. Talk about a long shot but it is on my list of films to see.
32  pics for their gallery on this summers blockbusters. In order of release dates.
I like their title: "35 Movies You Need to see" Not that many for me that's for sureMost of them at home on Redbox or Netflix. Are they kidding?

For me?
The big surprise will be "Minions" internationally. They don't speak any known language.
That's perfect for the big screen as everyone on this planet can relate with actions, not words.
Second place would be "Inside Out" Disney Pixar is back with an original, about time.
The big bomb will be "Pixels", Sandler is going to be so glad he has Netflix to bail him out. Well at least we won't get Cobblers 2, god that was awful.

Note: This will be the last blog for this week, even tho I will update this one for convenience. I'll be back on Monday with our regular posts along with new Radio Shows.
Below: Original Kenner release back on 1977. More ancinet artifacts coming to Flickr.

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