Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Tuesday's Movie News

New Radio this weekend: Blockbusters, Roll out!: F7 recap and Avengers 2 review.
4 Minute video with Spader and Olsen with Johnson., in which they explore the actor dynamics with working with a 8 foot tall robot. Then 91 pics in the Gallery! Nice.
From Hugo to Enders Game to this. This kid has his acting chops in place. Working with Scorcese is no hack job. And he handled himself great with Ford and Kingsley. Well they're are a few young actors that can make this work but I really liked him in Enders Game. Check out that film if you haven't. 3 out of 5. It should have had a bigger budget but still a good film. And of course Hugo with Kick Ass Gril. You go Chloe!
I haven't said much on this due to the many rumours flying around. It drives me nuts. But with Afleck on the set the mystery deepens. Will he be in it. It sure helps in the publicity department. Everyone is bringing their game on now that a movie about macho guys and thier cars is in the top 5, All Time.\
Total fail. Even audiences got tired of him in Pitch Black 3, not a big blockbuster. He needs cars and mano a mano with Stathams and Rocks. Not a friggin witch. Just keep on doing F8 thru 21. Then retire.
Did anyone notice how this news all of sudden pops up now that there will ber at least 4 movies in the All Time Top 10 this year with Star Wars 7 ready to take the top spot of all time? F7, AV2, 007 Spectre being gaurantee (yes, F7 got it already). So Avatar and Titanic being bumped off the Top 2 looks like a sure bet. Is the JC worried, does he cares, will his Ego be bruised? We'll know the beginning of 2016, thats for sure. Lets face it if F7 is in the top 5, SW7 has it. Lucky 7?

Note: New show before the weekend. F7 and Avengers leading to Star Wars for May 4th.

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