Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Tuesday's Movie News

Bit of a stretch but it couold come close but then again everyone is sscratching thier heads over Furious 7 so who the hell knows. Can it cross the $2 Billoin mark? Only by repeated performance. But fans can turn fast. After Menace :Attack of the Clones: took a beating with Return of the Jedi ending on a ZZZZ.

While this looks cool, is this the money shot? CAn these stunts help at the box office after Furious 7, the same action crowd is going for? While the picture looks like fun will it all add up. F7 is a tough act to follow for most of the action films this summer. And that HBO special doesn't help either. By the way, which was boring, more on the show. Won't waste my time here with that one.

Only the international box office is saving this franchise. Remember the second weekend at the box office on July 4th. Previous weekend was $100M (numbers which they got caught lying about) then on the Big $th only $35M on a 4 Day Weekend? With no competition no less? The writing is on the wall. Now they are going to take this to the box office grave.

1. Nobody was asking for this
2. Peter Pan the TV Musical tanked.
3. Hugh Jackman is Not playing Wolverine.
End of story.

Note: New BTR coming before I get on that Plane, lol.
BElow: Original DV casing for the action figures. Yes it's that old.

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