Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Tuesday's Movie News

New Radio show this week. Blog: Star Wars, Avengers, Logan's Run, Statham video..
Aw c'mon. How many times are they going to release this? First it was the tapes, then the DVD's then...ok I'll shut up. Yeah I'm going to get it too. Who are we kidding? Another sap lining up.
Um but is the excuse? The extras! yeah that's it, gotta own because I have to make my collection complete, yeah that's it.........sap.

Cool list but where's Luke? The next trailer featuring him would be the obvious. Now that's even cooler.

Stay up late then get up early morning. This is going to kill me, lol. But worth it. Let the fun begin.

So there're officially signed. After what they did with Caps 2 I really can't think of anyone else dong this. These guys are like what the Wachoski Brothers were in their day with The Matrix. And we know what happen from then on. Speed Racer, yikes! While some might disagree this will work.

This is so mean and so funny. I didn't even realize Dr. Who companion was in Capt. America until hte second time seeing it. Glad I'm not one of these actors. Looks good on the resume but to pick up a chick: "I was in the seen where.....".."Gee I don't remember that" Uggh.

Just to follow the trend this is going to suck. Not the problem with a female lead but the studio with no imagination and following the Jones. Yep this is going to suck. The TV show was great either.
The movie is a 70's classic along with Westworld at that time. Hopefully that will work out on cable.

Bonus: Check out Jason at 1:35, green shirt, side profile and don't blink! His only spot.
Tomorrow: Announcement and Paul Walker Lost film link.
Then the radio show.

Saturday Matinee: $6:00 bucks each. Cheap! That's a small popcorn in NYC. yikes!

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