Monday, April 27, 2015

Avengers:Ultron Coverage

New Radio Show This Week Plus Review of Avengers 2. Previous related post:
Avengers 2 opens with $201M. Still chump change. Wait till it hits $1B. Will it take out Furious7 in the top 5. Speaking of which F7 is now No. 5 with just $20M needed to take out Harry Potter. Great way to start the Blockbuster year. Now will Star Wars 7 take out Avatar and Titanic. DUH!
Note: Due is given to F7 since besides Titanic (not counting re-release 3D) its the only 2D to claim the top 5 without that 3D ticket price cheat. Of course the other is 007 Bond Skyfall at No. 10. See:
4 minute Video interview plus 79 pics in the gallery!
Big spoiler alert on this article. If the picture above is too much information avoid this one.
The actor was in "Priest" a Mad Max style picture. Very underrated sci-fi flick. 4 out of 5.
Notice the last 2 lines of the article. Full cast is unconfirmed. So who will be in Avengers 3-4?
Avengers 2 drops a big hint. More infomation is also related on the article below.
Details concerning the making of the film. Again the cast returning is in question. Also see the related articles on the right, the first one on top about both parts being filmed at the same time.
More rumours on what that title is. But check out the poll to see what the fans think it is.

I'm reposting my old blog relating toworking as a background on James Spaders Blacklist tv show.
I'll repost the radio show on which I talk about that work experience tomorrow

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