Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Tuesday's Movie News

New Radio with Avengers review before it opens Thursday along with F7, SW recap.

Check out the poll on the second page of this article. 26/30% to see 2D and 3D. But 33% not watching it to begin with. WTF are they doing here in the first place? Now that's funny. Me? I gave up on 3D after Godzilla. It just ain't worth the price or the headache.

More on his interview about filming The Avengers 3,4. Some of the details are repeated from the article from yesterday.

This is getting a lot of hits on the internet but there's really not much to see besides some blue paint.
So imagine when the good stuff comes out with full set pictures.

Hey one is named afer me! Cranky Frank. Wonder if they are going to sell these at Forbidden Planet of Amazon? Cool looking cars but the question is, will the Fast Furious fans be there and will this get buried by the Avengers boxoffce?

Can't believe they are going ahead with this after so many years. So it looks like it's goin to be a straight drama and no the comedy that had both Jim Carrey and Chris Rock attached to this at one time.  Better hurry up in making this or this is going to be the Six Trillion Dollar Man.

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