Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Wednesday's Movie News

New Blog Talk Radio show now playing: Furious 7 talk. Please see Widget.
Teaser tomorrow and full length on Monday April 20. But I guess they don't have faith in Mad Max for the premiere if thier putting this online. Not a good sign. That shows a very nervous studio.
Great montage of the whole franchise. Road Warrior is my favorite Post Apocalypse theme movie and one of my all time favorites. If the marketing was smart they need to go after the Fast Furious crowd. Speed and Cars getting smash. What else do you need?. But already the studio is going show BVS before the Mad Max premiere. No faith in good old Max? 
Funny video, you look out your hotel window and you see the Big G. This is the prototype look they should have in the new Toho version. Have to visit this hotel for sure. One of these days that is, lol.
Yikes!!! Not the idea, I mean what else is new but check out the price tag. With all the merchandising available out there do they really need to spend over $105M on this, on top of the $80 as is?

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