Monday, April 06, 2015

Monday's Movie News and Furious Updates

New Radio Show coming this week: Furious Talk
Welcome to the $1 Billion Club. With China, Japan and Russia still to open in the next 2 weeks we'll see those numbers as they going to open before Avengers in May. And it has 3 weekends to clean up as this has no competition until May. Way to go. Paul would have been proud.
The video has been blocked by Universal, well at least in this article but fans are going fast and furious (yep pun) reloading this all over the internet. Lets face it, its a great send off. At least a nice gallery is included here.
"Hispanics, the most frequent moviegoers in the U.S.. DUH! Well if studios would wake up and stop kissing China's ass and concentrate on the audience here they wouldn't get lousy numbers like they did last year. Duh!
One big omission. The Title was from a Roger Corman film in 1955. Universal studios brought the title as Racer X would have been a bit confusioning as that was the brother of Speed Racer.
FF Fav character Poll: Well they better sign him up for the rest of the franchise.  Vin is lucky he's got this gig since he's not the number one fav. Wow.
I loved the first two for being what they are, just plain crazy. Guess he has to do something in between while waiting for another FF in case they call him up for another one of those. Spoiler!
Then again Wild Card, his latest release at Redbox really sucked. 2 action scenes and lots of yak.
"It's just good weed man" The best part of SNL besides Micheal Keaton's monologue with Beetlejuice and Batman references. The rest really sucked. Shame, the past shows have been pretty good. Hope that Cookie's show next week will be good.

Bonus Round: Here is a music video with Jason Statham before his breakout roles.

It's Silver Man! lol. Erasure had 17 Top 10 on the British charts. So getting this gig to be in a video meant exposure to his career. Translation: This was no bullshit! Yes ladies, those are silver shorts.

Lines for the 6 and 9 pm showings. Glad we to the 3 pm with pre-paid. You never see long lines at this theater, More pics tomorrow.

Note: New Blog Talk Radio show this week, lots of Furious talk and another video link for Paul Walker tomorrow. Also don't forget to check out our Flickr page. More Albums to be added.

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