Monday, April 20, 2015

Monday's Box Office Plus Movie News

"I used to sell Lightbulbs on the Phone, how do you like me now?" New BTR show this week.

8 days total of $250 Million in China alone. And Still Counting! But what's interesting is that they want to pull the picture for making to much money cause it hurts the other picture. WTF are they thinking?
Weekends boxoffice. Scroll down to the second half of the article "Around the World Roundup". That explains how well F7 is doing internationally. It's going for that top 5 for sure no matter how good Avengers:Ultron does.
I still don't understand this. I think it's better than the Clone Wars, that animation style drove me nuts, and this season we have Darth Vadar so what's the beef fellow Jedi's?
Bullshit or not. Either way it looks cool (for a bootleg) but it does make sense. And who cares who's the actor? It's all about Spiderman first then Parker or whoever.
It will happen. They'll see the sales on the comics and figure there's a gold mine to be made.
That Mouse, the force is strong with this one.
Great video showing the new Batmobile. Very sleek. Another one added to the collection. The outfits look boring and dull. Well at least no underwear or nipples are showing.

Bonus round:
I grew up with the Genesis System and its about time they bring back Sonic. This concept can work great. At least it's better than the 3D games which were all over the place, and all the other crap that came afterwards. This explores the original levels with details. Works for me.

Some websites are showing their must see summer lists. I'll be posting this on Wednesday as that will be my last post for the week as I'm leaving to New York this week.
Tomorrow a new Blog Talk Radio show will be posted for the week also:
SW:Force with F7 Boxoffice win; Top 5 of all time, Yikes! That was fast.

Coming soon: New Pics will be posted on Flickr: Toys in the Attic: My Star Wars collection.
These are the original releases, note the bottom says Kenner.
Here's a preview:

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