Monday, April 13, 2015

Monday Movie News

NewRadio show this week: Furious Talk and Ultron.
F7 is going to be in the top 5 of all time and with no 3D to boot. Only two other films have that to their credit and that's Titanic and 007 Skyfall. No small feat. And Spectre is the film to watch to break it's own record with no 3D. Ultron will top that But with the 3d cheat. But hell it works.
Vin singing a song for Pablo (Paul), Rock promoting San Andreas (bomb) and Avengers giving RDJ his award (cool). Love that speech, "Keep your nose clean" He must have burnt out his copy of Scarface by now.
They wouldn't pay him enough for the next 3 sequels? Translation: He didn't die in F7 and neither did his on screen brother Lucas (Boswell) who's signed on for 2 more. Place them in China/HK, Russia and back to Japan (real revenge for Han) and there goes F8, 9, 10. Screw Transporter.
Speed sucked and even their going to have a sequel in China. Doesn't matter, that is going to suck as well. But F9 has to go to China, that's for sure.
95 second video included. With an opening like this how is the rest of the movie is going to look like?
Know it looks interesting, if not a reboot out of all things. Couple of videos and a whole lot of gallery stills. 31 in all.
No more rebooting with his damn past and stick him in the next Avengers already. Jeez, what's the problem.

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