Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Tuesday's Movie News

New Blog Talk Radio show now playing: Furious 7 & Ultron
Lots of pics and videos all on one page. Good looking out CS. Family Feud skit was funny but they shouldn't have bothered with questions from the audience, whats up with that college thing/
More vids and pics. You're killing me here CS, you're killing me! lol.

Universal still owns the rights and won't let it go for a solo movie. Wow, that sounds so familiar. Don't worry, Universal has Furious Franchise, they got enough green, pun intended.
There's a mouse laughing his little tail off right now, going "What would they do without me?"

Love this show especially Roger the Alien and Patrick Stewart (Picard) as Stan's boss. Glad this went back to Comedy Central as all the cursing is left in as Fox edited the crap out of the show. Good move.

Note: As mentioned on our Radio show, "What is old is new" Holy crap they weren't kidding!
Let's see I own the Aerosmith guitar and game, AC/DC and Beatles was the last game I brought.
It was fun while it lasted and a pain to play at times. It easier to play the real thing, my Les Paul Guitar. Guess what the theme should be? Yep: Let It Go! Black Death Metal version!

I had to admit, this was some funny shit. Have Mickey Mouse beating up all the other studios to take over their properties. They wouldn't have a chance. Too many to remember but the boy bands getting shredded were the best. Check out the Madonna & Micheal video, who knew?

When your career needs a reboot, do the Christain Bale. Good one Jimmy Kimmel. Yo Dennis,
Zombies make money, don't knock it. Look at iZombie, someones watching that. Which is by the way a ripoff of Warm Bodies which was funny, with future X-Men Nicholas Hoult (Beast) and Corddy (Hot Tub Time Machine) who was very funny in this. HTTM 1 was funny, HTTM2 not so, had its moments tho, a 2 for Tuesday.

That New Radio is coming this week for sure. Tech problem but it will premiere.

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