Thursday, April 09, 2015

Thursday's Movie News

Blog: Greedo Still Shoots First! New Radio this weekend. Furious Talk plus news.
Apparently these are the Special Editions released on Blu-ray a few years ago. Guess we'll get hit with the original masters before SW8. Got to give it to that mouse, he's sure a dirty rat ain't he?
The boxoffice is not even dead yet for Furious 7 and already they're talking about Ultron. Sign of desperation in the publicity department. aren't they. Guess $175M is not good enough.
Cast photo without the main star, Leto as the Joker? Well that makes no sense. Whatever the excuse.
Notice how Will Smith is blended in the shot and no mention of him like the big star he once was. Reminds me, what did happend to his last picture? Doesn't matter, it sucked anyways.
Wow, Vin is really stretching out here. Well at least he played a soldiers before (Ryan, we don't talk about Pacifier), but with Chris Tucker and directed by Spike Lee? Guess that Pitch Black dead franchise is really hurting him now. And nobody is talking about that Witch picture either. Same with Tucker, what happen to Rush Hour 4,5,6,7,8?
Ok, The mouse is hell bent on punishing us with these live action. But here is the thing. The first one is a classic so how are you going to top that, especially with all the other movies done on the subject. Remember Academy Award Winner Roberto Benigni's Pinocchio? It won The Razzies for worst picture of that year 2002. See IMDB for the dirt. Noe Del Toro is doing a darker version. Is anyone asking for this? Yo mouse, let it go, Let It Go!

Scroll down to filming and vehicle stunts for actual details on the making of. While some behind the scenes are included on the dvd/blu-ray, it doesn't include all these behind the scenes details are far asth actual locations in which they were filmed. Type in Furious 6 to see those details and in the future you can type in Furious 7 when that gets released on dvd/br,
Furious 6 and all the changes done between the theatrical and the dvd/br releases. Type in Fast Five to see those differences. This also falls under Director's Cut, Unrated, alternate versions, etc. mostly comparisons between both versions You can type in any movie in the search bar if you know a particular movie has changes done to it. You be surprise most of the home releases just have a minute or two of difference just to slap on the Unrated label as a selling point. So buyer beware. I use this all the time before I consider buying a special edition.

Note: New Radio show on Furious talk then the last 2 specials from PR before I head back to NYC.

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