Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Wednesdays Movie News

Free Hulu movie link with Paul Walker Cameo included. Scroll below.
So that's how they did that! lol. Another tease on what's going to be on the Blu-ray feature bonuses.
They talk about the cars being destroyed, how about the cameras? Lots of POV camera work here.
That's a lot of cars. What's interesting is that they destroy these cars afterwards as not sell them 2nd hand cause of lawsuits. They could also fetch alot on Ebay but they don't mention that. Also note another article on the side of Paul Walker leaving the franchise at one time. At that time they couldn't blame him but people forgot that Vin left to do XXX and when that bombed he came back. What's ironic is he now doing another XXX according to IMDB. Guess that Pitch Black franchise didn't work out afterwards. Note below: Link to a Hulu movie with Paul Walker cameo***.
Another crossover with Star Trek. I still have to catch up wth the Planet of the Apes crossover. But with publishing hey can do anything. My biggest surprise is still X-men Zombies, so what the heck.
"Nobody Knows Nothing" ***. Fun idea that the majors passed, Spike picked it up and now it's a hit. Just seeing The Rock doing Saturday Night Fever is worth the show. Gotta give it to Dwayne, he knows how to have fun, great sense of humor and can kick ass in the ring and on the screen. Yeah, they have to bring him back for F8: The Rock in NYC. Now that's a title.
This is friggin sad. Why not just do the Gumby movie? Oh no, did I just write that? Oh oh.

Saturday Matinee after seeing Furious 7 at Caribbean Cinemas in Aguadilla, PR.
"70% Latino Audience went opening weekend" No shit.

Free ! American Breakdown: 1 out of 5. Short skits, actors wasted, horrible filmmaking. Go to appx 45 minutes (commercial breaks included) and you'll see Paul Walker in a cameo, in the meantime he's featured on the poster. You'll also see Scott Caan (Hawaii 5-O) in this short which last 5 minutes. Fast forward to 45 minute mark fro cameo. Man what a waste. For the die hard curious only. Like me. lol.
Hidden Gem: Eight Below with Paul Walker. 4 out of 5. Based on a true story, this is great for the whole family even tho it's a little sad at the end. This link only includes clips and trailer. Maybe Netflix or somewhere else but if you get a chance check this out.

*** Famous words from AcademyAward Winner Screenwriter William Goldman, All The Presidents Men, Butch Cassidy & The Sundance Kid, Princess Bride. Listen to his commentaries on the dvd/blu-rays. He wrote a few books on the industry including the book 'Nobody Knows Nothing; see Hollywood doesn't change or should I say refuses to change.

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