Monday, February 02, 2015

Monday's Movie News Links
February releases are here. So on this list which is the one you want to see the most? The comments say it all: The Kingsman. A nod to James Bond, I'm there. Jupiter A? Train Wreck. I'm there.
Everything else is for Netflix.
After winning all those awards with an Oscar on it's way, Hosting SNL, highlight being that goof on Casablanca, joining King Kong Skull Island with Micheal Keaton, Loki lol, this would be an added plus to the Spidey Franchise. He can call it now and they can use it.
Talk about Spidey, now Fox is seeing what a disaster Sony has on thier hands and the only way to compete with Marvel is taking these two and having a crossover. How many more X-Men can they pull off? And this would be huge, if they don't screw up F4 that is.
Arnold as the T-800 making a cameo on the show. This was the best thing about this show.
Did anyone stay up for this, not beer induced that is, lol. I Saw it this morning instead. All fun tho. And talking about the game....
Most were lame like the commercials but the best was seeing F7, sports cars going thru buildings. What more can you ask for? And talk about commercials...
My favorites were:
Snickers Brady Bunch: Marsha Marsha Marsha! As Trejo wasn't enough you had Buscemi. Classic.
Squarespace Dreaming with Jeff: It's The Dude man, like man, it was Jeff, man, Wow, man.
Esurance Say My Name: Bryan Cranston still milking Breaking Bad. Why not he owns it.
Clash of Clans: Liam Neeson and his threats. It never gets tired. Cause he also owns it.
Budwesier Lost Dog: How can you not love this? All at once everyone, awwwwwwwww.

Kim: Self Indulgent is suppose to be funny, yeah we get, now go away and take genius with you.
Nationwide: Actually excellent commercial, wrong place wrong time.
C'mon how can you show this over massive beer intake and Buffalo wings. Serious it doesn't mix.

Note: So where is that radio show? I'm including SNL and SB into the mix. Trust me.

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