Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Wednesday's Movie News Links

2 New Blog Talk Radios Shows Now Playing. New one tomorrow.
3 bombs in a row and a co-starring role as a wolf that no one remembers (Into The Woods) and he needs this. And how wonder he's back to picked up his guitar lately and jamming with everyone to the point he has joined the Hollywood Vampires, Alice Cooper's new Supergroup. So about the Plot, who cares, here's a video peeked at that supergroup with members of Aerosmith. Yeah I'm there.
Good for her since SNL dumped her from the Weekend Update segment which now sucks big time.
Having a part written for you in a movie is a great nod on the resume. Just ask Samuel Jackson in this clip:
Jackson with Fallon with Tarantino's story.
The casting to this and The Flash just keeps getting better. But compare to Gotham which some recognizable faces these two shows are getting names which fan boys know form the genre. And Jones playing a villain in this is a good stretch. I mean he is just a likeable guy. He was in a recent Face Off episode a few weeks ago, the one with UFO Alien creatures. Nice guy on a fun show.

Note: One last Oscar show on Blog Talk Radio tomorrow but this will celebrate not the winners but the ones that should have one. Raging Bull and Goodfellas anyone? Fuhgedaboudit!

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