Tuesday, February 03, 2015

Tuesday's Movie Links News

Well with the show going into season 2 now they can get to the other villains they promised.
But to end the season with the Joker is such a tease and worth the wait. And the casting with this showhas been great. Who are they going to get for this role?

Mixed results to say the least but the fans are there. And having the writer from X-Men Future Past
on this has to work. Get this one in the can and get to that crossover already. That's the goldmine.

From Thoery of Everything and Spidey. Will this make her a house hold name cause even tho she's nominated for an Oscar nobody is putting two and two together. Not does it matter if this is going to be the Boba Fett movie. The jury are still out on these stand alones yours included.

Still haven't read issue one but the crossover idea is just great. And they could make this into a animated film. I think die hards would look forward to this then the next ST3 Alternate Universe with Chirs Pike as Capt. Kirk. But then again I grew up with the original generation of Trek and Apes so what do you expect from me? Forget ST3 have Trek back on TV/cable? YES!

Ending of the game, the commercials, hte movie trailers and after all said and done it all comes down to this. That stupid shark. Really? Check out the video. Someone had nothing better to do but notice a dancer was out of step? Really? I mean really?

Note: BAFTA Awards are this weekend. The British side of the Oscars.
That will be the Radio Show: BAFTA Award Predictions

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