Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Tuesday's Movie News

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Danny Glover was on the Today Show this morning and it seems he's in the running. Couldn't confirm but didn't deny either when asked. The article mentions latino but no names hae been brought up but Glover's name is all over the place. Well they wanted diversity and they are going to get it.

First Yoda (well his voice), Lando and now Vadar.  The more the better. Still don't get the hate on this even tho it has cooled down a bit now they got the original characters making cameos.

Big time spoiler alert if you haven't seen the show yet. Man I love this show but didn't see this coming. Well there was a hint when you had Mr. Reanimator himself, Jeffrey Combs, (love that movie) on the show Also known for Star Trek:DS9 for the funny looking big year alien working with the dominians and for ST:Enterprise for playing the Andorian who says "Pink Skins" way to many times. Once he showed up something strange is going to happend and it did. Total gross out.
Wow, Gotham can get nasty. They should keep her charcter on as now it adds a new dimension to her charcter. Boy is she really going to be pissed off now.

Note: 2 more radio shows on the Oscars are coming which relate to the 2015 movie releases.
Oscars Leftovers:
Something I addressed on my Radio show with both The Spirit Awards and The Oscars. I did forget who made the comment on at Spirit, Dan Gilroy, Director/writer of Nightcrawler and of course Jack Black in the opening Oscar number. Sorry but both had a point. Gunn is protecting his job of course to speak out cause for now that is his bread and butter (and sequel). Everything goes in circles and everyone should chill out. After the end of Phase 3 of Marvel and DC gets Justice League on screen, then what? Reboot the whole friggin comic book universe.

Pages and pages of videos. All behind the scenes, interviews,  making of, relating to the Oscars and much more. My favorite is 2nd row, third from left on film editing. They show a clip from Whiplash. How did they know? lol. Most of the videos run from 5 to 10 minutes. Great to see on a tablet, to and from work.

So did happened to that statue? Apparently that's not the only statue that made it's rounds. Lat year one was made with the theme on Heroin. And no I was not going to post that one up. Too sad.

What did I say the Radio Show? Highlight of the evening. Right? I would like to thank the Academy, Twitter and Facebook for agreeing with me. Only kidding folks. I should get the Oscar as being the one who actually saw all 8 films nominated. Really, not even the critics by their own admission seen all of them. Just saying.

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