Monday, February 16, 2015

Monday's Movie News Links

New Blog Talk Radio Show Now Playing with Guest Host Mark and his Predictions on the Oscars.
2nd New Blog Talk RadioNew show added: Review of the SNL 40th Show.
The best thing about the show was the opening and it was all down hill from there. The clips from the past were cool but way to short compare to the time wasted during the live part, way to many to mention here but Simon ending the show with Still Crazy but with no Turkey suit like he did in the 70's was a real downer. What a way to end the show. A real big disappointment all together.
And don't even get us started with Eddie Murphy........
This video runs at 5:11, which 3:40 is spent on Chris Rocks intro for Eddie. All that ass kissing and the bit wasn't even funny.And yes this ad was paid for by Chase. No shame.
13 video highlights of the show. Note: Check out the last video with Wayne's World. At appx 3:00 minutes they mention musicals guest inlcuding Beck then go to No. 5 with telling Kanye Sit Down.
This video does not cut to Kanye's face like the telecast. He was part of the bit of course and even smiling. But here you don't see it. Well that's strange.

Oscar Talk: All this week behind the scenes and making of articles before the Oscar show:
Well the final catagory awards before the big Oscar show this coming Sunday. Budapest and Imitation Game get the screenplay awards. A good sign on who's going to win those big awards on the big show.
The one movie that should have been nominated for Editing and wasn't makes no sense at all. This shares the big WTF award with the Lego Movie. For that was not an awesome animated movie for an Oscar but the theme song was. Go figure.
As a big time saver included  re the Oscar nominated films for VFX. These can be found in the right hand column for Interstellar, Guardians, X-Men Future Past, Capt. America Winter Soldier.
My personal favorite that should win but the way the Academy is thinking who knows who could win. But they should give Andy Serkis that Lifetime Achievement award already and call it a day.

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