Thursday, January 29, 2015

Thursday's Movie News Links
This looks kind of disappointing. They couldn't come up with a better plot? And doesn't it look like they showed the whole move anyways? Still looking forward to this. Hopefully not the best parts is in the trailer. Maybe some of that last western snuck in here somewhere and we know how that turned out.
So people are having problems with Pratt being Indy Jones but no problem him hanging with a machine gun nut racoon and his tree partner, running with Dinosaurs and now a mental cowboy/ninja/viking with issues. But him being Indy Jones? Oh hell no. Go figure. Talk about Pratt..
All the hype on this one and it looks great but doesn't it remind you more of a reboot more than anything else. Even the promo materials look the same for those who can remember that far back.
Who are we kidding, we're all going to be there that weekend. But an I-Rex, kinda lame, ain't it?
For soem reason I just can't get into this show. I don't know what it is but the one episode to miss and has a bunch of references to Avengers 2. Now I have to go back and see this. Am I the only one since the ratings are not the best. Spoilers are in this article so beware if you haven't seen the episode.
I love puttings things together and making them and damn this looks great but how many pieces?
Who has time to makes this? And for me, I lose one piece I would go berserk. Still looks great.

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