Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Wednesday's Movie News Links

New Radio Show coming tomorrow. Quick Oscar predictions.zzzzzz. and Spidey talk.
PS Bonus free movie bonus link down below. Godzilla in Destroy All Monsters on Hulu.
Another take on the issue but explained much simpler. But I love that last paragraph. Marvel setting things up to finally take over Spiderman or for Disney for once and for all take over Sony. Cause we all know what franchise Disney would love to have. 007. Sony's Goldmine. Now would be funny.
Why? The House of Mouse always win. That's why.
And even more details on the casting. Give it to the kid from Fury, Percy Jackson, and that Wallflower movie with Emma Watson if they want to stick with the Parker storyline. Or go for something different with the Morales storyline. Either way will work but.........
This article has it right. Spiderman can be anyone. So the hell cares who gets cast. But going the younger route and back to school is where his character belongs. And what about his background?
At this point it doesn't matter except for the publicity department. Ain't Superman British? What I like to know if Spidey is going solo who will be the Villian. I'm still waiting for Vulture after Ben Kinglsey and John Malkovich both tested for the role and never made it to the big screen.
Somebody is trying to get his career back. And it took his long to get him back on SNL. No one is asking for BH Cop 4 so I hope he's got Plan B. That reggae singing ain't exactly selling like hot cakes either. Well he could do a sequel to Dave. Remember that one where he played a spaceship?

BONUS: Here it is: Destroy All Monsters with Godzilla and friends. They are all here including Mothra, Rodan, Gidrah and more. Rumoured remake is based on this 1969 feature. FREE !!!!!!

From 1 to 5, four fails and one hit. With Sniper still doing huge at the Boxoffice.

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