Thursday, February 05, 2015

Thursday's Movie News Links

New Blog Talk Radio Show: Bafta Award Preview and Predictions !
Took long enought for this. But first they had to wait until people forgot about Jar Jar and that Menace movie, Buy SW from George then do the new trilogy with the spin offs. OK now that we got that out of the way, who's going? And let's face it the can charge whatever cause who wants to miss this?
You figure they would jump on the bandwagon a while ago but they are not missing a beat. They have suh a huge catalog now it would never end besides their channel and other spinoffs.
Why? With all the spinoffs on TV and Cable wouldn't people had enough of this? I mean this is no Star Trek. And that last Star Gate was horrible and what's the cheap way out. Remake. Ugghh.
And this is going to be a highlight at the Oscars. And this would be he's fourth time! Now that's what you call having a great manager. While he is perfect for Kung Fu Panda and  he did deserve his Golden Globe Nod for Bernie his career has had it's up and downs. Or maybe it's his agent?

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