Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Wednesday's Movie News Links
While the animation was done back in 2009, they are going ahead with a live action feature. AFter the poor boxoffice of Paddleton they might think twice about this. Even Charlie Brown is going straight animation. And that looks great. But will the fans be here for this. That is the big question. They weren't for the animation film that's for sure hence no sequel.
Wow, he's coming out with these one after another. Besides Tombstones which was a boring wreck and Taken 3 while weak still had a great body count he's got to bring it back up a notch. Both Unknown & Non-Stop were fun as heck this has a great cast to back him up. The only problem is Liam is going up against Fast 7 which is going to be Huge at the Boxoffice even after 2 weeks playing. Now that should be interesting.
One big weekend for all the horn dogs out there, like Showgirls, everyone is going to say it sucks then it'll disappear the next weekend. And advance tickets for this is the Bible Belt, now thats funny.
Is ther anything NOT coming out on Lego now. After that huge Carrier from CAptain America nothing is off limits. But I do like the idea of Wall-E stuff coming out. Always love the message in that movie.
Nice video montage of the Oscar nominees since the awards are just 3 weeks away. Apes all the way.
Cool video interview. Listen near the end about his and Benedict nickanes from their fans.
And if you read the interview not one mention of Jupiter Ascending. He is avoiding press on that like crazy. No reason to hurt your chances on getting that Oscar right? And it looks like he might get it.

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