Monday, February 09, 2015

Monday's Movie News Links

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Common, who doesn't love Spaceballs, Still funnier than most crap out there now.  While CAndy and Rivers are not around they can still find actors close to thecharacters to pull it off. But the main stickler here is Moranis himself has semi-retired since his wife died many years ago to raise the kids.
And he still has mucho FU money from Honey I Shrunk The Kids, remember that franchise. This can still work even after Family Guy did their take. Lets face it the third one sucked even for Family Guy.
When VAughn did X-Men First Class we knew it had that Bond feel to it and should have gone to Direct a Bond film. But now it looks like we getting a new franchise for us Spy fans. Short video tho.
Talk about X-Men. Can somebody make up their mind? These guys are in or not? With Mckellen doing his Magneto over in Apocalypse and Stewart with W3. Hey it's better than not appearing in anything at all But it can sure drive some fans crazywith this casting merry go round.
This show has good producers. That's all I can say. It just keeps getting better and better and this is just the first season! Remember the critics said this and Gotham wouldn't last? Ha Ha Ha....
Everything is not awesome! This doesn't make sense at all and it's a big slap in the face. They don't nominate LM for Best Animation at the Oscars but best song? They even won at the Bafta's Awards! Still don't get it. BUT........
Great diss by the directors and good for them. Look at the Lego made Oscar. Hysterical!
I left this near the end as this has spoilers if you still haven't seen the episode yet but isn't there a rule that says "The person that saves kids doesn't die in a episode?" Wow what a head kill. Again another sad EP.
Talk about sad. Dead kills a likeable character. Bafta's were predictable and boring (more below) and after AC/DC opened up the Grammys the show went downhill and was boring with some of the most boring music heard in a long time. And these are the hits? Oh Prince showed up at the last minute and by that time it was too late and he didn't play! WTF?
Did anyone see the Bafta's which I talk about on my latest Radio Show (Widget on your right)?
While Boyhood won Best Picture and Best Director, the DGA wins means that Birdman might be the winner for the Oscar. Let the showdown begin between Boyhood and Birdman or is Sniper going to surprise everyone and win for Best Picture. Which is heading to take out Games and Guardians as the big boxoffice winner of 2014 topping oever $300M.
So does anyone care who wins? Is anyone going to see the Oscars? Is anyone going to listen to my Radio Show? Well one more show on the Oscars but with previews for the new season with our show. Also a whole a lot of movie reviews for the new year so far.

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