Thursday, February 26, 2015

Thursday's Movie News

New Radio Shows now playing on both Widgets. Another Talk Shoe Special coming this weekend.
So forget sequels 3 & 4? Yeah, why not, those stories were wacked to begin with. They killed her off then brought her back as a clone. WTF! Love Blomkamps work so far so this is in great hands. WE all love Aliens 2 (as I like to call it) then to kill off the little girl and the commando was not a good way to start off No. 3. And lets not even go there with the damn shaved head. Ugghh...
Another behind he scenes making of on Bond. Looks like these will be part of the dvd/br for the home release aka Lord of the Rings with Peter Jackson web blogs. At least I know what I will be getting since they saw be coming a long time ago.
This works for me with Rocky as a trainer this time with a tragic turn for him of course. As long there's no fighting in the streets. Everyone agrees Rocky 5 sucked big time. But this character still works.
This Japanese trailer is the best. Short, sweet and to the point. Not much spoiler plot alert in a friggin 4 minute trailer that spills everything. And the film looks crazy as it is. And Director Miller is a stickler to filming these scenes for real with minimal CG. He employs lots of stuntmen and they love him for it. Hardy as Max is a gret choice. So far all good. Well it's has to be than Thunderdome. Wow, that really sucked!
At least they are keeping all the major characters from the original series but added a Female to update the crew aka Power Rangers I guess. So far all good. But here is a trivia note:
Did you know one of the original puppets was based on the actor James Garner who looked just like the puppet! Garner starred in the classic The Great Escape with Steve McQueen and an all star cast.
He also starred in Space Cowboys with Clint Eastwood starred in the TV series Rockford Files and the original Maverick. Great Autobiography book if you ever get the chance.

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