Monday, February 23, 2015

The Oscars Wrap Up

New Blog Talk Radio Show: The Post Oscar Show. 30 minutes, going solo this time.

This review is pretty much on the money. All I can say is Neil has to go back and host the Tony's.
Adn mind you he has won a Tony, Broadways most prestiged award and instead does a Birdman Shtick in his underwear. Hopefully the writers didn't give up thier day jobs for this gig.

So the Academy wokeup at the last minute and gave it to Birdman instead of Boyhood. I'm good.
But look at the surprises. Whiplash was my favorite with sound editing which makes sense when you see the movie. And the snubs? My favorite for those who have been listening to our shows: Boyhood getting wiped out. So funny. But the real snubs started with the nominations. More down below.

And these are supposed to be the experts. Look at how many they got wrong.
And if you look at the previous blog from Thursday you can see Variety Magazine predictions and were off the mark. It was a wacky year for predictions and that started with the nominations or the lack of that put everything in a spin. You don't nominate Lego Movie for Best animation but gets a nod for Best Song. Everything points to Dragon movie and Big Hero 6 wins instead. Really?

What do they expect? Celebrating films that no one saw, except American Sniper which had no chance of winning. And Again Neil belongs back on Tony. The format of the show is too strick for his Tony Award show antics.

For me the highlight was Lady Gaga, I mean she nailed it to the floor. First Tony Bennett and now show tunes? Yeah it's about time to get rid of that pop crap. She has the talent and the voice with the piano playing to boot. Way to go Ms. Gaga. And the other performances, all good but I got a kick seeing Devo's Mark Mothersbaurg with his plant hat on stage performing Everything is Awesome.

Read the excuse, what bullshit. Complete disrespect. And Richard Kiel was the other WTF moment.
Other names included in this article should have been in the video. I'm into behind the scenes making of and recognize alot of the editors, writers, camera, etc which was nice to see butto the normal movie fans leaving these names is just plain wrong. Time limit? Move the video faster, don't spend so much time on one face and you can squeeze everyone in.

Keaton won with this group and was cool to see but to see him winning here along with Boyhood and not winning at the Oscars had to hurt. I mean hurt really bad. I can't imagine how that feels. Just watching a 3 hour show is painful enough and that's just being a film fan. Ouch.

The big WTF Moment at the Oscars: "Euuuu, get him away from me..."

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