Thursday, February 12, 2015

Thursday's Movie News Links

New Blog Talk Radio Show Now Playing: Oscar preview with Guest Mark M. Please see Widget.
Short behind the scenes is more of a tease than anything else but it's still looks so cool. With quick interviews with the cast. Oh yeah he's back. They need more of these for sure.
Bautista is perfect for this role which was made famous by Clancy Brown. But why mention Brown in Sponge Bog instead of his other classic roles? He's now in TV's Flash, Drill Sgt. in Starship Strooper, Cowboys & Aliens, and the all time classic Shawshank Redemption as the prison guard. Look at IMDB and this guy Works big time! As far as the Connery role besides Butler someone mentioned Robb Stark from Game of Thrones in the comment section, actually many from that show could fit that bill. Give it to Tom Hardy, after the new Mad Max he would be the choice. Always loved the original. The best part? The Soundtrack by Queen of course. Great double listen with the soundtrack to "Flash ! Ah-ah......"
Long time rumoured now can be said that they didn't forget him after all. It would have been nice to be in SW7 but just for him to be back in the SW universe is cool enough. Let's not forget it wasn't easy for him being on Dancing with the Stars, he is older than the original stars. So for him to be part of Star Wars in any form is a blessing in itself. Good for him.

Note: We are pushing back Blgo Talk RAdio till next week for Oscar week and get more info
on the Spiderman reboot. Who is going to be the new Spiderman. Instead we are going to do a test
run on Talk Shoe Radio this weekend.

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