Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Tuesday's Movie News Links - Spiderman's Back!

What have I been saying for 2 years now? The House of Mouse always win!
Latest Blog Talk Radio Show now playing, awards talk. New one this week with Spidey talk.

Nobody believed me but after 25 years of doing this (bragging rights) you think I would know
how these executives think (20 years At Wall Street didn't hurt either). Well I leave at that.
Great article which explains a lot but at the same time sure opens a lot other questions.
By the way there's a little mouse laughing off his tail.....again.

So that whole big announcement a couple of weeks ago about the Marvel calendar went right out the window. New dates are listed here for the updates.

Why? Six just got lost in the shuffle. With all the news pointing Spidey returning to Marvel and showing up on Cap America to boot, you think anyone's interested in the Six, Maybe hardcore. Sony just doesn't get it do they?

Did you see last night's episode? Where the heck do they get these actor's. Yikes without the makeup he looks like the Joker. What a way to end the season, all good.

This would have been dumb and wouldn't have fit even tho Depp like these weird scenerios aka 21 Jump Street and Tusk. This is coming to BR/DVD next week for those who haven't seen it and can jdge for yourselves if this is better than Boyhood. I'm waiting for Whiplash on BR then I can kiss 2014 cause at this point I couldn't care less who wins.

Well the above last link is what I promised on the Radio Show for filmmaking 101. More will be added the next couple of days until the Big Oscar Show....zzzzzzzzzzzzzz.
And a new Radio show with the final award wrapup (5 minutes) then Spidey talk. Yes!

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