Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Wednesday's Movie News

New Radio shows now playing on both Blog Talk and Talk Show, both Oscar Show reviews.
New Talk Shoe radio show posted yesterday, new show coming Sunday March 1.
While the story sounds like a reboot, once they complete this trilogy the good news the rights go back to James Cameron. Is that why he's doing those Avatars sequels back to back? He gets those out of the way hecan start with a Terminator series and we know those are going to work since he's theone whostarted the whole thing.
PS did anyone see Arnold on Two and a Half Men: his stint as a cop and goofing on how stupid the show was classic. If you get the chance since most I know hate this show. He's in the last half hour. Also check out the clay animation with the goat. Man that was funny. Finally a good episode after all these years. What a waste.
If this doesn't point to Spdierman news then he shouldn't bother, nothing is going to beat that.
Why does this make sense? She is perfect for this series for some strange reason. Can she pull it off? Oh yeah, maybe now she can put those tatoos to use on the show. Is she going to sing any Bowie songs tho?
Why not? Since they are not doing the sequel to the Lego Movie, they can put theri talents behind this and it makes total sense for these to for a crossoever. But where is the comic series to this?
Some other TV Director dude is doing it and I'll wait until that comes out for my verdict.
Is he friggin kiddin us? Didn't he learn his lesson. Dude! You lost big time at the Oscars. Call it a wrap and move on. Someone needs to see a Disney movie and Let It Go!

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