Thursday, February 19, 2015

Thursday's Movie Links Oscar Talk

New Talk Shoe Radio Show now playing with guest host Mark: Business of Filmmaking 101.
New Blog Talk Radio Posted. Final Oscar Talk and Best All Time Pictures.
Instead of me posting my full list I used the above article as a lead in since it's pretty much written on who's going to win, But I'm posting below a few exceptions of what I think will win instead whats in the article. But it save me a lot of typing time.
Picture: Birdman (as mentioned) but don't be surprise with all the news lately for American Sniper.
Actor: Eddie Redmayne (as mentioned) but Micheal Keaton should get it instead.
Director: Linklater
Editing: Whiplash
Soundtrack: Budapest Hotel (yes the music was that good)
Animation: Dragon but they might go old school with Princess Kayuga.

UPDATE: 2/21/15
As mentioned on the show the academy votes for Best Picture without even seeing it? Yep as staed in this article with Lucas being right this time. No cats mentioned tho.

The other big news for the day is:
Quick video interview with the director and film footage from Alien. Finally they got this off the ground and with the right director. And Ridley has been making her rounds lately saying she was interested in being part of the project. And how would she fit in. Who the hell cares. Remnember when Spock died in SW2:Wrath of Khan and came back in ST3: Search for Spock. Nobody dies in Sci-fi unless they ask for too much money for the sequel. So there.

Oscar trivia:
Jimmy Fallon Tonite Show Pros and Cons of the Oscars. Like the joke, the movies no one saw.
Can you name the picture with the poster shown? Cool trivia test. Some were tricky with their drawings.
The year that most movie fans reference to including yours truly. They all deserved the nominations and some weren't due to space on the list.

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