Thursday, November 20, 2014

Thursday's Movie News Links
Why not? Even tho The Joker charcter should be saved for an actual Batman film and that's why
Leto is re-thinking this. Just like Sinister Six, besides the hardcore fan boys, is the general audience going to care to se this. The only reason Avengers worked is we got to know the individuals aka Thor, Caps, etc. Hell, Their even throwing the kitchen sink into Bats Vs. Sups. For the actor himself,
Leto has proved he can pull it off, not only with the Oscar but with other roles, aka Depp who spent 10 years on his "Craft" before becoming a big box office draw. Personally it doesn't matter which actor gets this role. Whoever it is should wait for the next Batman Trilogy or VS. Sups for the lead role. Suicide Squad seems like a waste aka Sinister Six.
Sorry, no Cruise control here. He's back getting his game on but the character should be at least
European aka Scottish, British, etc. Get someone from Game of Thrones for crying out loud.
Come on, would you want James Bond come from LA, California?
Wow, Prometheus 1 sucked and now you're really pushing me to stay home and wait for this on Netflix. Well, done deal. I'll pass. No original Alien, no film. I'll stick with SyFy originals. Ughh..
I remember playing this at a friends house. Nothing but dots, awful. Eventually my friend sold his atari console and games and got a Sega which I eventually I got one myself. Aw, the good ole days.
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