Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Tuesday's Movie News Links

Another franchise going to cable. I'm for it before it got the dreaded reboot/remake with no imagination produced by Micheal Bay productions (sorry Micheal but Texas Chainsaw was a failure). The great thing about this is that the original team are behind this especially Sam and Bruce.
Gimme some suger baby!

She was hot in Wolf of Wall St. and if she can get that voice right she be perfect. This is a good start for cast hiring. Now about that Joker part. Well Leto did get an Oscar and has done the makeup thing before in "Mr. Nobody" spending almost 8 hours in the makeup chair as an old man. That film was not a big deal, only for hte curious sci-fi fans. A 2 for Tuesday.

The Nerve: Translation: Spend another $20 (NYC prices) on something I didn't think was a big deal to begin with? Who are we kidding? All because their boxoffice was a disappointment.  I'll see this again on BR with the making of bonus features, rental of course but that's it. This will get Oscar nods for SFX but that's it. If you didn't like Gravity you will hate this. If you loved Gravity you will say "WTF, almost 3 hours?"

Let's face it. Joh Cusack plays great villians even tho they tend to be B-movies lately.
But a Roman? Remember Kiefer Sutherland playing a Roman in Pompei? Or even The Duke himself John Wayne playing a Centurion in "The Greatest Story Ever Told" 1965 (about the crucifixion of Jesus) and we won't even talk about Wayne playing Genghis Khan in The Conqueror 1956, Yikes!
Poor John but at least this will be funny and Brody? Let's quit while we're ahead. Chan needs Rush Hour 4 and retire, this is getting embarrasing.

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