Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Wednesday's Movie News Links
Finally DC got one over on Marvel as far as TV goes. Let's face it, Agents of Shield hype isn't exctly a ratings buster and Agent Carter is a friggin bore. (I know give it time, bla bla bla). And the funny thing is, which I said before, I'm not even an Arrow fan (more of a Flash fan) and I'm looking forward to seeing Both of them in this coming episode.
Caesar abd Godzilla are the ones to watch out for. Everyone else, it's a been there done that aswe've seen these SFX before. Caesar is the exception to the rule as that MoCap has improved big time.
And we finally got our first full CGI Godzilla. And talking about Kaiju.........
Whaaaaaaaaaaa? No Kaiju? Then why make the friggin movie? But you bring back two idiots who were not funny to begin with? (the characters, not the actors). I don't understand the thinking of this.
Well if that's the case then bring on Godzilla Vs. MechaGodzilla. And watch that box office be huge!
Two reasons to stay home. Ridley doesn't direct and Ford shows up at the end. Why bother? Looks like another one to skip regardless of who is going to direct this.
Multiple trailers and one at a football game on tv? True of False. Or even better just wait for the bootleg to show up on the internet this weekend. I can see all the smartphones lit up in the theatre now, lol.

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