Monday, November 17, 2014

Monday's Movie News Links
This is the stuff I grew up with. He was a legend and the fondness of the memories will always be treasured. And out of all the shows, all of which I watched and loved, my favorite was of course Battlestar. Shame it was only for one season and even if the budget shows it stills holds up to this day. And by way the new BG sucked! Cylons were human form? Screw that. Note: I worked for a courier service back then and the company delivered the Cylons customes from La to NY for a ABC market presentation. Of course one of the boxes fell out of the back of the track and tore opened. We sealed and delivered it on time. Not before we looked inside to see how the costume looked. It was all plastic and black nylon stockings. And the head had a simple LED light to go back and forth. Cheapo Supremo! But man it looked great on the television for its day. Oh the memories.
This what the opener a blast. Better than what probably written on those cards to begin with. Then after that the usual happen. The rest of the show sucked. Does anyone watch til the end?
Reminder: This will be the big moneymaker of the year passing Guardians, but then again we all know that don't we. Having JLaw surprise cameo didn't hurt either.
Well this is funny but what else is new. Drunk is Drunk. But where the hell did this awards show come from. While I get into some awards from a fans point of view (I agree most are self serving crap) I didn't even hear of this until Sunday. But what he was introducing was the documentary by Mike Myers, Austin Powers himself who did a great job directing this: Supermensch the bio on Shep Gordon, best known as manager of Alice Cooper. But you have to see all the star that he knows. Man, it's alot. A solid Doc, 4 out 5 for those who can remember the 70's-80's period.
Are they kidding me with this sh*t? Really? How friggin desperate are they with this crap. I'm hating this film more and more as the weeks go by. First Nolan says you have to see this a few times to get the message. Strike one. Now this, Strike two. Can't wait whats next for strike three.
Strike three...what bullshit. He screwed up and now he's saying it's on purpose. Or maybe he did do it on purpose to hide the fact the dialogue is tht bad. I wanted to like this film so much but that third act really sucked. But this monopoly on it's audience is really pushing it.

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