Thursday, November 13, 2014

Thursday's Movie News Links

Here are some filmmaking 101 articles now that The Academy Awards are around the corner.
What can I say, it was a slow news day. Here are 3 Oscar contenders for review.
Long article but has some great behind the scenes with photos and comparison to the comic book.Still haven't seen this but I loved the idea that it beat Interstellar with all the hype for that film. This is getting the push for Best Animation, well at least it doesn't have Frozen to compete with.
This article was published before the film was released. They projected $66M opening weekend. Well that didn't happened did it. I admire he wants to preserve film but next time make a shorter film with a more cohesive plot (next time bring in an outside writer). Like the first 2 acts and the 3rd sucked and besides nods for SFX this does not deserve the nod for Best Picture.
For Gone Girl I'm surprise how much VFX was used for a mystery like this one. That should be interesting for the Blu-ray. While this should get nods for Directing, Writing, and Cinematography, once you see this there's no reason to see this again once you know the twist. But the big surprise is the man behind the camera, for he did this.................(next article)
Really? Got me on this one. Many photos on behind the shoot. With this kind of talent behind the camera she should sweep the MTV Awards. And she doesn't have to show her booty, here that Kanye?

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