Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Tuesday's Movie News Links

Home away from Home. The town theatre which is very family oriented. Seldom "R" movies.

Nice behind the scenes video with the actors doing the voices. They have both Malcovich and Cumberbatch in this. Gotta love those penguins. Looks like Jlaw got some touch competition, that and Horrible Bosses.

Uh? For somebody who came from Troma Pictures (Toxic Avenger and others) this is one person who should keep quiet on this subject, considering his breakout on Guardians. I stood behind him and this picture and he proved me right with the movie but I have to agree with the comments on this article. While he has a point about the industry it should not be coming from him until he has another one under his belt.

Grillo really impressed me in Purge Arnachy which I liked a lot. First one sucked. Then seeing him in Caps took me by surprise. He's been around for a while so good for him for getting his break finally.

There's going to be a No. 4? How the hell did that happen? The picture only made $206M worldwide.  And their still not talking about the budget to make this with that huge cast. And while the BR is selling good I didn't think they would go ahead on a fourth one. Well if there are make sure it's a smaller cast. Half of them turn out to be cameos for crying out loud. Jet Li, 2 lines. Really?

This theatre doesn't open till 1 pm hence why there's no crowds. Took these shots at around 10am, but this place gets pack at night and the weekends. More than some neighborhood theatres back in NYC.

Strange to see this Hunger Games poster as the theatres down here are usally stock posters. And no lettering except for the title on the bottom (which I cut off, oops).

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