Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Tuesday Movie News Links

From the company that did Ice Age and Rio franchise movies which I love. Bright but simple animation without being cluttered. And this makes for a better 3D experience. The peanut gang is in good hands. Wish this came out this year. I would rather go se this than some of the other crap coming out this season.

Great news. Now how about some better scripts. Some were lame, whacky and the usual WTF?
Capaldi reminds me of the earlier Dr. Who and these shows are not reflecting that. And I hope they get out of that school scenerio. That did not fit at all. Still looking forward for the Xmas special tho.

I'be been saying this for years on my live show. Bring back Spectre and Blofeld and to hell with that Quantum organization crap. It never worked to begin with. Now even if Waltz did not do the Blofeld character he still plays the hell out of a villian. It would still be fun either way.

The second biggest viewed trailer of the year after Avengers. Who cares what it looks like, just the idea that it's a dream come true to finally see this after all these years.

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