Monday, November 10, 2014

Monday Movie News Links
While I love these crossovers, this episode wasn't as tight as the Family Guy which was great.
My favorite moment? Spoiler: Homer pouring beer into Bender's head at the end.
Hopefull they will have more crossovers whether the make sense or not. Ok American Dad your next. Any ideas?
But apparently these references to each toher shows have been going for years. Most haven't notice. I sure didn't. Talk about easter eggs.
Somebody make up theri mind. I thought international box office mattered. Let's face it, people are tired of 2 hour plus movies directed by Nolan. You think they forgot about the last Batman?
Disney's Big Hero clocking at 90 minutes is what people wanted. Didn't see this yet but my review for Nolan will be posted tomorrow. Hint: 3 out of 5. Repeat on BR for the SFX only. Way too long.
Renner's version sucked big time, so it makes sense to get Damon back on board. Then to have both of thm together. Not without Director Greenhouse whom Damon is loyal to. That's the only reason this is getting made. But are people asking for this.John Wick bombed and the audience is totally in Superheros.
While I'm all for this I think we can all agree he should have gotten the nod for Golle in LOTR.
I sad a few year ago. He will get a special SFX award for MO-Cap. What I'm waiting for is for him to direct his first big feature picture as he has been doing 2nd unit for years now. Umm Skull Island Sequel maybe?
What ever they do Toy Story needs to go back to its innocence and there's no better character to do that now like the little girl Bonnie. Going somewhere else with the story would be desperate atempt just to sell toys/merchandise. That's forgiven if it has heart and no better to explore that than with Bonnie.

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