Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Tuesday Movie News Links

Small news but it's the publicity machine that keeps Marvel fans interested. Something DC is trying to catch up on. They do try but when it comes to the comment section there's always so much negative responses. And that is what DC has no control of in their publicity department.

Ok, now this is going to be a big problem. Again they are making these villains to young. This is an arrogance on the producers part thinking we are going to wait all this time for them to grow up and meet up with Batman? Like I said before before Superman showed up on the last episode of Smallville the ratings completely tanked out. They should made the time frame within 5 years and no more. And if its still huge after that there are always more villains. Wow, DC/Warners still don't get it?

I put the Shining on most overrated list of Horror fans and some people shook their heads. Never liked the movie. But because it's Kubrick every damn critic is afraid to say otherwise. I couldn't care less who the movie. Actually it sucked, it was boring except for Jack's performance. BUT at least I'm not the only who thought the same way. The Master himself hated it along with the Documentary "Room 237" which I also agree is hype crap to the highest degree. It feels great I'm in good company with the likes of the Master of Horror himself. So there, lol.

Boring Holiday season to look forward to and with something this cute we have to wait till next year.
It's just not fair. But at least another gangbuster to look forward to for 2015.

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