Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Wednesday's Movie News Links

Congratulations to our Godzilla Community as we reached over 1000 members this week.
A few more things added to this but goes back to the previous trailer. New pictures included here.
Cool behind the scenes video. A lot of on location scenes and few green screen shots. Cool.
Long article with a breakdown on Ultron including art work from the different comics and the original trailer on the bottom of the article.
These guys don't learn do they? One thing to change things to make the story comtemporary but change the simplest things when it doesn't need to is just plain dumb. Typical Studios.
Can this get any worse? Wow, talk about mismanagement and they're in the movie business?
"Minnie tell them to stop, I can't take anymore, it hurts. I can't breathe, hee hee hee hee hee."
"Oh Mickey stop laughing, you drama queen"
"Diamond Luxe Edition" also known as the "KACHING!!!" version. No score?, 3 new featurettes that probably add up to only 15 minutes on 2 discs with outrageous price. Yep the holidays are near.
PS can't wait for the platinum edition. No Clooney, just Sandra on wires in front of a green screen.
Great point of view article. Also included are some cover art from different issues.

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