Thursday, November 06, 2014

Thursday Movie News Links

Finally get the title: Way cool and it doesn't any phantom word crap in the title. Here the news:
Warning: This has bullet point spoilers but then again it's second guessing.
This one has a 2 paragraph scenerio with some spoilers. Me? Just get the damn thing on the big screen and I judge myself. Hell, I waited long enough for this since 1977.
No Rhianna? Aw schucks, seeing her twisting around naked on the floor with the 007 gun covering
her pretty parts. Oh well, a miss oppurtunity. At least she won't be in the movie, sorry girl. But we get a classy singer doing the vocals and he's not begging to be in the movie. Cool. The article mentions Madonna, which I voted as the worst song ever for a Bond film, and Alicea Key, that's the best you can do girl?, another throwaway song. My all time Favorite is Live and Let Die. See below link.

This came close to being a comedy with Chris Rock and Jim Carrey at another time. Glad that didn't work out. As far as the title, Billion would make sense, for the sequel would be Trillion, the trilogy would wrap up with Quadrillion Dollar Man. Of course Studios being greedy would reboot it and call it The Zillion Dollar Man with the Sequel "If You Gotta Ask, You Can't Afford Him Man."
Gotta admit both Wahlberg and Berg did a great job with "Lone Survivor" That should have gotten a nod for Best Picture. And don't get me started on that new Farrell/Wahlberg comedy, their last one was plain friggin awful.
I don't care what anyone says about the first Simpsons crossover. I got a kick out of it. So I'm looking forward to this one. Just had to say that...

Note: New Radio Show on Talk Shoe coming soon but I'm doing some tests on Blog Talk Radio as a back up since
I haven't used it since I got new equipment. Remember: Talk Shoe Radio is the main radio station I will be using for the rest of the year till next year.

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