Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Wednesday's Movie News Links
While the spoecial was pretty cool, did anyone feel like the ending was really rushed? Or there is an extended version somewhere to be released on BR or something. Way to short to cover so much.
So where is DC's version: "How we are still Fking Up our brand and keep on going."
What have I been saying for over 2 years without repeating myself? Notice they mention Marvel but not Disney when the Mouse is the one pulling the strings. Remember they have the bank roll.
On yesterdays article he couldn't brag enough about being in the franchise and now he bitches.
Actors, funny little creatures aren't they? How they forget about collecting unemployment while struggling to break in the biz and climbing to the top. Uh he did an Golden Globe nod for Mandela.
This one is confusing considering it was Bill Murrey that pull the plug on the script (but still did the voice for the video game). Funny today I saw his Elephant movie Larger Than Life. What were you thinking Bill. As a matter of fact what are you STILL thinking Bill? By the way guess who was is that film playing a red neck demented truck driver....All right All right All right...........
See the comments and I agree, comic book is not his style. But he does have an Oscar and Hollywood loves to shove that shit in peoples faces along with the stockholders to make things legit.
Johnny 5 is alive meets Real Steel in District 9. Nice mix. Guess Hugh loves his robots.
Cute trailer tho with lots of deja vu....

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