Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Wednesday's Movie News Links

Still the best animation movie of the year. And now news of the spinoff. I liked Big Hero 6 but fell short compare to the Lego Movie.
What works for me here is they are going to cover Batmans history. More than enough for a plot.
And while I question the script writer of Lincol Vampire Hunter to write this, it does have the original crew of Mckay directing and Miller & Lord as Producers. So far so good.
Concentrating on the parents? Talk about filler. While it's a cute idea but how far can they take this?
While the article has only been up for a couple of hours there still no comments from anyone.
Guess nobody cares. Still love the show regardless of it taking liberties with the storyline.
Selina asking a very young Bruce asking if he's ever been kissed in the last episode. Creepy.
Read the second paragraph and it shows you how mess up the thinking of this movie studio is.
Again covering their asses on a big embaressement this pass summer. It wasn't so musch the budget of the movie but how much they spent on the marketing. Basically throwing shit money after shit money. Hence why the final tally was huge. Will they ever learn. Well there's a mouse that knows.

Note: Slow news day and mostly rumours to different movie like the casting offuture X-Men.
Cast them already and then I'll talk.
Due to family drama I'm still trying to find a time frame to do the next radio show. But the next two parter will be condense into one as I need to get to hose Godzilla Specials this month.

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