Monday, November 03, 2014

Monday Movie News Links

Happy Birthday To Godzilla! Celebrating 60 years and counting!
This story is becoming old hack. Those Marvel trailers buried the whole DC concept. All we can say is good luck to Warners/DC. Even if they start getting it right it will be old news.
Now here is one trailer that stays away from the competition. Cars, action, stunts, family, lol.
Great opening means this movie is going to top the franchise. Opening sooner than everyone else and the Actor Walker is the curious selling point. I know I will be there.
Includes VIDEO performing the stunt. Shaky cam but still cool. Talk about saving a movie career. Shame that Edge of Tomorrow tanked at both theatres and BR sales. Edge is still on my top 10 for the year by the way.
Good he got the hint. Nobody's is asking for this! And Rogan got Franco, go make another Bromance movie for crying out loud Seth, lol.
This and the Hellraiser reboot. How many times are they going to reboot this friggin franchise. And too many sequels to Hellraiser went to DVD and they were horrible. Again the new generation are looking elsewhere like American Horror Story and Walking Dead. Enough.

Note: New Radio coming this week with new announcements, then those Godzilla Specials like I promised.

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