Monday, November 24, 2014

Monday's Movie News Links
Well this should help the box office returns this weekend for those who wanted to stay home
and binge on thier cable/netlfix. Wink wink, nudge nudge, what happened to all those Hunger Games fans? See last link below.
While you think this would involve Boba Fett, it's going to be a new character from The Force Awakens. Well that makes a lot of sense. Still not big on these solo film but this does have Edwards directing so this got me really curious. We'll see.
While I thought this was going to be another train wreck courtesy of Zack and DC they got someone who has GAmes of Thrones, Walking Dead and Breaking Bad. Now there's hope as long as the script is written by anyone but Zack & Goyer. Sorry but that Man of Steel does not age well with repated viewings.
The big surprise this weekend. Where were all the fans? If this doesn't pick up on Thanksgiving weekend some studio exec is going to lose his parking spot.

This will be a slow news week so hopefully I'll put up that radio show this week in time for the holiday weekend together with the Godzilla special.

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