Wednesday, November 04, 2015

Wednesday's Movie News

New Blog Talk Radio show tomorrow and the last Live on MNN this Saturday.
Nice interview with the ladies on the making of, with clips included from the movie.
Actually the main stars gets solo poster except for Mark Hamill. Jeez, what's up with that?
Nice interview with the star from SW7 and from Attack The Block. While reading the interview the background changes including showing him as an action figure. More articles should be like this. Fun.
Basically a tease for the movie that's been put on hold. But it does show some photos from the graphic novel.
What did I say a few weeks ago? Stop with the high concept of behind the scenes and just do a vaiety show like the past with guest stars doing a skit or so. And what happens? Behind the scenes drama that the show is not working  like they thought it would, DUH!
Update on CBS excuse on taking its fans for granted. Check out the 6th paragraph: "Millions joining All Access". I can see millions doing bit torrent left and right, lol. The nerve of these guys.

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