Thursday, November 19, 2015

Thursday Movie News

Due to late posting, this blog will be updated tomorrow.

Sure it will have a big weekend but will it have legs? Nope. This will get no repeats which will hurt it, then it has 3 good ones to go up against: Creed: adults, Good Dinosaur: family & kids, Frankenstein: teenage horror fans, both Spectre and Peanuts: the final holdouts. All of which will kill Hunger Games. Oh well so much so JLaw power. And look at that face above, what do you think is on everyone's mind to begin with, LOL.

Such a cool video, lots of fun and for a great cause. Check out some of the faces when Ford surprises them. My favorite: Who's your favorite character?
Very cool 13 minute video of one of my favorite cars of all time and all of it's different creations. Shame they didn't include the older ones. My favorite is, of course, The 1966 TV show version.
Going to miss this cutie. Shame she didn't have better episodes this past season. Is it me or are they really filming on the cheap by keeping an eye on the budget. Plus the stories are not all that. But looking forward to River Song, one of my favorites.
It figures they are going to jump on the Hunger Games bandwagon. At least thye are going back to th original concept of the age at 21 instead of 30. But seeing this as a trilogy is just milking the original movie aka The Hobbit into a trilogy when the book was only 300 pages long.

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