Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Wednesday's Movie News

Centerfold from the new "Wired" magazine. See how many franchises you can recognize in this.
And yes there is room for both Star Wars and Star Trek in the universe. This poster proves it!
New radio show coming this weekend.

Last weekend Update:
No surprise here as HGM2 is No.1 (which was boring as hell) with Good Dinosaur (very cute) and Creed following up. Creed was the biggest surprise as it did better than expected with talk of a sequel alreadyu. And of course the biggest wipeout was Victor Frankenstein (1 out of 5) which should have been released in October for Halloween. Actually it wouldn't have mattered. Victor makes his Monster, realizes it was a mistake, him and Igor fight the monster then they kill the monster. ALL in the last 10 minutes of the film?!!! The monkey had more screen time in the trailer. Wipeout indeed.

Funny article to celebrate Thanksgiving. 29 picks with no mercy whatsoever. Let me put it this way: The Turkey on the table got off easy,lol.

"Let them fight!". lol. Well this should be interesting on people's choices for this weekend. Remember, the experts can predict so much but look at Hunger Games which came up short. This can be anyone's guess.
Mini video on the making of. While I do look forward to seeing the actors in this, this is another re-imagine of a story told too many times no matter how good the effects are.
Love the end of the trailer where Capts and Bucky are beating the crap out of Iron Man. Now we're talking. Again Marvel can't do wrong as this looks like fun. Not like that other franchise *cough* with 2 famous caps going at each other *cough cough*.
Guess the lower ratings are scaring them a bit so lets bring in Superman! But a younger one at that?
Aka a young Bruce Wayne like Gotham. Ok whatever. The show doesn't really need it but if thats what it takes then why not.

Note: The next radio show will address on what's happening  with all the shows for the winter schedule.

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